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LBI PTA General Meeting 4pm, October 17, 2022

LBI School Media Center

  • ●  Call to Order: 4:07 Kelly

  • ●  Pledge of Allegiance

  • ●  In Attendance

Danni Hagler, Jacqueline Ramilo, Christine Conrad, Kelly Linkewich, Marci Bleam, Coleen Garabedian, Danielle Agnello, Shelley Smith, Ashley Stabile on zoom

  • ●  Treasurer’s Report-

    • ○  $37,329.22

    • ○  Checks: $1501.00

    • ○  Net total $38,829.23

  • ●  Committee Information

○ Committee Reports:

  • Auction Committee -  This year’s auction is at Joe Pops Shore Bar on Dec 9  Tickets $55 Teachers/staff  $60 Early Bird (on or before 11/22)  $65 After 11/22  Tickets include passed apps, choice of protein, caesar salad, domestic wine and beer.  You can purchase tickets through the online order form or print form and send into school with payment attn: lbipta  We Need donations and sponsors!! Each grade sponsors a themed prize basket.  Classroom parents will be reaching out with themes and requested contributions


  • Spirit wear Committee- Store closed Oct 20th    Orders shipped home or school and distributed.  Will open the online store again in Feb.


  • Book Fair Committee-  Preview 10/28. October 31-Nov 3    *Will be open during parent teacher conferences. Still looking for volunteers!


  • Membership- 131 PTA  members 


  • Scholarship- Southern has given 2 free game tickets to pta members, tickets can be found in LBI school office in PTA mailbox



○ New Business:

  • Collecting Hurricane Ivan Relief Donations for SW Florida until 11/14                 We are working with Citigate Ministries collecting for elementary and middle school aged kids in need of new socks, underwear, pajamas and new or gently used coats.   Drop off at either school


  • Clothing Drive- will be sometime Mid November  

  • Taking all clothing, there will be a  4 hour drop off window at one of the schools


Next meeting: 4pm November 14th LBI  School Media Center





LBI PTA General Meeting 4pm, December 5, 2022

LBI School Media Center

  • ●  Call to Order: 4:03 Kelly

  • ●  Pledge of Allegiance

  • ●  Welcome and Introductions


  • ●  In Attendance: Kelly Linkewich, Judy Meehan, Danni Hagler (zoom), Coleen Garabedian, Marci Bleam, Frank Birney, Wes and Karen Barrett, Shelley Smith, Christine Conrad,Rachel McDill, Olivia Tilton, Jason Capelli, Danielle Agnello, Lindsay Meneses


  • ●  Treasurer’s Report:

    • ○  $53,552.00

    • ○  outstanding checks  $3652.00

    • ○  Net total $49,900.00

  • ●  Committee Information

  • See website for lengthy description of all committees at


  • Book Fair Committee: Extremely Successful!!

  •   EJ- $4272 LBI-$3470  Total Earned-$7742.00

  •  31 volunteers

  •   Any future suggestions please email Danni Haggler at 

  • Staff Appreciation Committee:   Cookies and Cocoa Bar Dec 20th. Please drop baked goods for teachers and staff to school by 9am and email recipe to


  • Auction Committee:  Auction Dec 9 6pm Joe Pops Shore Bar                  Over $10.000 in prizes, hors d'oeuvres, buffet dinner, open bar,live music,                                          silent auction, raffle, 50/50. Over $13,000 in prizes! 170 tickets sold thus far


  • Hurricane Ian Donations:  Accepting donations all year. Thank you to Rachel McDill for complimentary UPS shipping              

  • Yearbook Committee: First committee meeting 1/4  All photos to be submitted thru drop box


  • Thundering Surf: School makes $6 per ticket sold. Need new chairperson next year


  • Membership:  137 PTA members. Membership directory sent out


  • New Business:

  1. Executive board member vote- Treasurer's position. Rachel McDill voted in for 2 year term. Unopposed slate

  2. Next year only one homeroom parent per class chosen by teacher

Next meeting: January 10th 4pm LBI Grade School Media Center


LBI PTA General Meeting January, 2023

4 pm, LBI School Media Center 


LBI PTA General Meeting 4pm, February, 6, 2023

LBI School Media Center

  • ●  Call to Order: 4:03  Kelly Linkewich P

  • ●  Pledge of Allegiance

  • ●  Welcome and Introductions


  • ●  In Attendance: Kelly Linkewich, Marci Bleam, Coleen Garabedian, Christine Conrad, Rachel McDill, Jason Capelli, Dr. Kopak, Mr. Birney, Danielle Hagler, Shelley Smith, Karen Beetel, Danielle Agnello (zoom)


  • ●  Treasurer’s Report: Rachel will be transitioned into position and Lindsay will be out soon. Authorized bank signers will be Kelly Linkewich P, Marci Bleam VP, and Rachel McDill T as of Feb. bank meeting and adding Marci and Rachel to account. 

    • ○  Bank Balance: $68,938

    • ○  outstanding debits and credits: - $6,462

    • ○  Net total: $62,866


    • ●  Committee Information

  • See website for lengthy description of all committees at


  • Auction Committee:  No totals in yet. Looking into new venues for next year.  Ship Bottom Fire Co, LBI Foundation, Daymark, etc


  • Yearbook Committee: Look for Yearbook order info in March. 

New Yearbook submission this year, everything will be submitted  electronically. Look for greetings form which will be due back by 3/6 and 6th grade baby pic form due by 3/26. All photos of students in school settings should be submitted through Yearbook Photo Drop Box that will be emailed home shortly. 


  • School Dance Committee: Candyland Themed Dance March 24 LBI School Gymnasium    EJ Kids 5:00-6:15 &  LBIGS Kids 6:30-8:15           DJ, Photo Booth, Cotton Candy Machine. Parents must stay, no siblings allowed.  Looking for all artistic parents to volunteer their time to help with set and decoration making. Looking for donations of pool noodles, spray paint cans of any color,and empty papertowel and toilet paper rolls.  Contact Coleen Garabedian text- 201-481-7660 or email- for more info or to volunteer


  • Assemblies Committee : One per month in March, April, May at each school. 

 Secret World of Robots 3/29 EJ 10:00 and LBI 1:00.  

Dino’s Rock 4/20 EJ 10:00 and LBI 1:30

LBI- Lead U 3/2 Respect Tour 5/11

EJ Worry Woos Early May


  • Spirit Wear Committee: Opening online store in early March for one week. Look for new tote bags! 


  • New Business

  1. Garden Club- Karen Beetel is stepping down, looking for new staff member to take over the garden. Garden Club has asked PTA for funding for 6th grade pollinator project for butterfly plants and new signage for garden 

  2. OCVTS Scholarship- Kelly Linkewich proposed to the board adding a new $500 scholarship for those LBI students that choose one of the three alternative high schools MATES, PAA, or ALPS.Shelley Smith who chairs the PTA Scholarship committee suggested speaking to guidance dept at for the alternative schools for further info 

  3. There are three executive committee positions open for the 23-24 school year: President, Recording Secretary and Corresponding Secretary. Anyone interested should contact Shelley Smith or Chris Conrad by Friday, March 3rd. 

Next meeting: March 6th 4pm LBI Grade School Media Center


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